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How to Access Laptop Camera Remotely – Easy Steps

Nowadays, where everything thing is becoming possible which also includes an answer to your question How to access a laptop camera remotely? With the help of modern technological advancements, it’s possible to control your PC or someone’s else PC remotely via another PC.

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And distance doesn’t really matter, even if you are 2 desks away or 20. Miles away from the PC that you want to access, you can do both easily. You’ll be able to see what’s happening on your personal property when you are not around it.

Talking about offices where we have to move from one desk to another desk, you might need to switch PC because obviously, you can’t carry them all devices with you.

So if the cables are not long enough to stay connected the best alternative option you have is to access the laptop or your PC remotely from another location to get the work done. There are the different method by which you can have access to your laptop camera.

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And if talking about PC, the webcam offers remote monitoring features that allow any user to keep an eye on anything from any corner of the world. All you need is to be authorized to have access of the laptop camera remotely and to connect your camera to the PC. With these things set up, you can start to monitor the Webcam monitor or you can access the laptop camera remotely.

How to access laptop camera remotely

How to Access Laptop Camera Remotely

As we told you there are several methods to do this.

  • By using Wake-On-Lan method.
  • By using an android phone.
  • Switch on laptop camera.
  • By using the internet method.

Method 1: By using Wake-On Lan method

With all these methods you need the software to be installed on both computer or laptop that you’re accessing from and the laptop or PC that you want to access.

Nowadays, the computer comes with newer motherboards that feature an Ethernet controller that enables users to controls the computer remotely.

 And such way known is Wake-On-LAN. Let’s get started with the procedure:

  • Firstly, make sure that the computer or laptop you need to access is turned off.
  • Make the computer or laptop has a network card because it’s the main thing that’ll function the whole process.

The network that is build-up powers the computer or laptop to boot only if it is able to receives a valid stream of data that correctly shows that MAC address of the computer. This stream of data is also known as “Magic packet.”

Here are some tools that are very useful to have an access over another laptop or PC camera.

  • Fusion WakeUp on Lan.
  • Nyxball Wake on Lan.
  • Nirsoft WakeMeOnLan

When you are using any of these tools, all you need to do is to search for the available that you can connect on the Lan.

  • Then, select the target computer via IP address or the MAC address to select to switch on the computer.

In this way, you’ll have access an over your laptop or computer remotely.

Method 2: By using an android phone

There is an application named “TeamViewer” which is multi-cross application means it comes in both iOS and Android. You can download and sue this application from Play store and have access to the laptop’s camera remotely. 

Witt the TeamViewer app, you can switch on your personal laptop as well as on your PC right from your phone if your phone is well configured with the Teamviewer app and it’s ID and DNS.

If you want some other options then let me tell you that there are some other options too that you opt for accessing your camera laptop remotely. We recommended Teamviewer because it’s simple to use and set up. You just need to configure it, carefully and you are there.

Method 3: How to switch on a computer remotely by using the Internet method

Do you know your laptop or PC can also be switched on by using the internet? In such cases, the laptop or computer that you want access or target is kept to another location and then its remotely accessed by another PC or laptop.

This method uses the same application used in above procedure i.e. “Teamviewer”. It’s an efficient software that allows users to have remote connection between two devices. Before we get started with the process, make sure that the TeamViewer app is installed in both computers.

The TeamViewer app configure the computer by the Teamviewer ID or by the public addresses.

Here are the things that both devices must have:

  • Have a connected and working internet connection.
  • A network card that supports the Wake-On Lan feature.
  • The power cable connected to the power supply.
  • Don’t shutdown computer while having a connection, put is sleep mode or hibernate.
  •  Both laptop or computer must have teamviewer download and installed, properly configured and added to the auto start apps list.
  • And make sure that you carefully note your teamviewer ID, IP address and DNS.
  • And don’t forgot to configure your computer BIOS (you might not find this feature on all laptop or computers) and also the network card.

Now, suppose a condition where you are at your office and you want to access the laptop or PC at your home, here are the things you need to do in order to build a connection.

  1. Open the Teamviewer application from the office computer and then enter the teamviewer ID. Open up the contact list, in this list you’ll find your home computer that you want to access. It’ll be in the offline computer’s list.
  2. Now, click on the wake-up button, if your both computers are configured correctly, then you’ll able to configure and discover that both devices are connected with the indication that it has been switched-on.
  3. If you want to switch-on the computer by the using the DNS or Public address then you need to configure the router on your both computer then set up it by forwarding the port to the network or to the DNS public addresses of the targeted computer.

Now switching on the camera

Now that, you have built up a connection by any of the methods described above. Now you need to switch on the camera and here is the last step of how to access the laptop camera remotely. By the Teamviewer and other application, you can navigate to access files and other documents.

To open up the camera, the computer you need to host to switched on the camera remotely and to configure by the help of Teamviewer ID.

Now from your office, open the teamviewer application and make a connection with the targeted computer. After you build up connection, the display screen of your targeted computer will be displayed on your computer.

  • Now, you are seeing the display on your computer, go the camera app.
  • Switch it on.
  • And done.

Wrapping up

The above written methods work for both platforms iOS and Windows. In case it’s working then there must be a problem with computer or your laptop or you might have configured the app and targeted it correctly. In such case, a factory data reset might resolve your issue.

Let us know in the comments section which methods did you choose.