Method:1 (Manual Control by Software) In this method you will need to download and install the fan speed control software and follow the instructions. Configuring the PWM will allow you to type or toggle the buttons to control CPU fan speed without BIOS.

Method:2 (Automatic Control by Software) This method also demands the installation of fan speed control software, however, in this method, you can set the automatic settings. After this step your PC will control the fan speed whenever the system heats up.

Method:3 (Fan Controller) For this step an external fan controller would be required. This controller increases the airflow inside the CPU thus enhancing ventilation that results in temperature and fan speed control.


How To Change Cpu Fan Speed Without Bios

The heating of the system seems to be a problem for some gamers and workers. Some heavy games or heavy software can generally cause heating hence arise problems in the system. But fortunately, you can control or change the CPU’s fan speed.

You can overcome the unnecessary heating of your CPU simply by following some easy steps that will be discussed shortly in this article.

Additionally, overheating is not the only reason that requires CPU fan speed control but there are some other reasons as well, for instance, your CPU’s fan speed may be too fast for your system thus it would require balancing.

This article, however, includes methods that can be used in the absence of BIOS. Moreover, if you have a BIOS that allows controlling of the CPU’S fan speed then you must go for it because it is one of the best tools to change the CPU fan speed. But, sometimes the BIOS may not allow you to do so hence you will face difficulty.

Therefore, we have come up with this, how to change CPU fan speed without BIOS, an article that is composed of two methods that will help you change CPU fan speed without BIOS easily. So without any further due let’s jump into the article.

1) CPU Fan Speed Control Software

There is some software that is particularly designed to change CPU fan speed without BIOS. Some of this software are, NoteBook FanControl, Argus Monitor, SpeedFan, Corsair Link etc. However, we are not discussing all of these software individually, we will be only discussing SpeedFan so you will get an idea of the steps to set up any of these software on your PC to change CPU fan speed without BIOS.

  1. First of all, you have to download and install the software.
  2. After installation the software will scan any buses on the motherboard.
  3. Now, you must not change the fan speed using the PWM you should rather choose the “Configure” option.
  4. Soon another window will appear on the screen then select “Advanced”.
  5. Going down the menu will help you find the “Chip” option. Select it.
  6. Then search for your PWMs or click all the drop-downs if you don’t know where exactly the PWMs are.
  7. However, once you see the drop-down of the “Set to” and choose “Manual” or “Software Control” to control the fans.
  8. Do not forget to choose the “Remember it” option if you don’t want the system to forget the settings.
  9. You will see tabs like PWM1, PWM 2, PWM3, PWM4 AND PWM5 select the one you configured.
  10. Toggle the buttons or type instead to change CPU fan speed without BIOS.

2) Automatic CPU Fan Speed Control

Earlier I explained in steps how to change CPU fan speed without BIOS but the method is manual. You can set automatic settings to change the fan’s speed automatically whenever the speed goes off the limit. In the first place, you download the SpeedFan software.

  1. Install the SpeedFan software.
  2. You should select “Configure” and choose “Fan Control”.
  3. Now go to the advanced fan control.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen and choose automatic settings to change CPU fan speed without BIOS.

3) Fan Controller

How To Change Cpu Fan Speed Without Bios

For a stronger fan performance, you can add an external fan controller to your CPU alongside the cooling system and thermal paste. Some fan speed controlling software is not supported by some motherboards so in this case, an external fan controller is a good option.

They often have an RGB LCD which helps in the determination of the fan speed and temperature. They also have an alarm warning which is for the protection from short circuits. So if your motherboard does not support fan speed controlling software, an external fan controller is the best option that you can add to your CPU.


Is it safe to adjust CPU fan speed?

If you are satisfied with your CPU’s speed and fan sound then there is no need to adjust and control the CPU fan speed. On the other hand, if you adjust the fan speed it will give you a better experience.

Does BIOS affect fan speed?

Yes, BIOS affects the fan speed of a CPU because it consists of a set of codes that basically boost the fan speed of your CPU. Thus, BIOS has the ability to take the CPU fan speed to the fastest or nearly the fastest.

What happens if I increase CPU fan speed?

If you increase CPU fan speed it will increase the ventilation for cooling down the internal CPU tools. By increasing the CPU fan speed you will experience a cooler and faster processing of the computer.


This was our article about “How to Change CPU Fan Speed Without BIOS”. The methods discussed in this article will definitely help you to change CPU fan speed without BIOS. We have compiled it after completing research and experiments.

So we hope this article helps you!