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How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually (6 Easy Solutions)

Your concern about How to charge a laptop battery manually is no more a thing that you need to research. Because you are already in the right place.

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Today, we are going to let you know that How you charge a laptop battery manually. But before that, here is a short introduction to a laptop and its battery.

Laptops being portable devices are dependent on their battery life. If the battery life of a laptop is good and healthy, then you will be able to use it for a longer time without the need to plug it, and if your laptop has low battery health then you might be running here and thereafter every while to plug in the laptop’s charger.

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Back then, the replaceable batteries were newly introduced in which you could easily replace the battery with another if it’s low.

Nowadays, we still get to see this, not much, laptops manufacturers nowadays produce a laptop with sealed which ensures that the battery remains intact with the laptop body so that the battery remains healthy.

It’s quite a possibility that your laptop has come to a point where you’ll be facing issues while charging the laptop battery. Don’t worry it’s not like the end of the world although there are so many ways by which you can charge a laptop battery manually.

Some common issues related to batteries can be resolved by looking after the problem and by resetting the laptop, but if the issue is with the battery, you will need a permanent solution for a battery.

Problems that brings you here

Here are some common reasons you needing to charge a laptop battery manually:

  • Low-quality charger.     
  • The laptop battery is dead/expired.
  • Loose charging cord.
  • Damage in the internal power connectors.
  • A dead wall socket.

How to Charge a laptop battery Manually (6 Easy Solutions)

How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually

So, now that we have mentioned the common reason why you might be needing to laptop battery manually. Here are some methods by which you can charge a laptop battery manually.

The best solution to your problem:

Charging laptop manually with USB Type-C

Back then, we weren’t able to charge the laptop via USB cable but now the modern laptops come with a USB Type-C port, we can easily charge our laptop manually via USB type-C.

In fact, it’s the best way to charge your laptop. These USB Type-C ports are faster and more efficient than other regular USB ports.

Charging a laptop via a USB-C port is the best alternative solution you can opt for. if your laptop carries A USB type-C port then all you need is a USB Type-C cord. You can easily get it from the market as they are very common.

But here is a thing that you must know that a laptop with a USB Type-C port will be able to charge your laptop rapidly via the USB Type-C cable.

Charging laptop manually with Universal power adapter

Charging a laptop manually via a universal power adapter is another great alternative you can opt for. The power adapter is friendly and carries a comprehensive nature adapter which makes it easy to use with most laptops.

All you need to do is to grab a power adapter and just plug it in, and it’ll work fine. You won’t be able to the best universal power adapter to charge your laptop manually, but you still have many options.

We’d recommend you to go for the one that is built for Chromebook, Dell laptops, and HP laptops.

For the best buy, read the voltage and ampere support at the back of your laptop and then buy the power adapter that matches your system requirements. Also, while buying the power adapter, read the comments and feedback on that power adapter.

Using an external battery charger

An external charger is a great option for you if you travel a lot and looking for a new way to charge your laptop manually. An external charger allows you to charge your laptop without need the original charger.

But this method will only work for those laptops that offer the option to remove the battery.

First, you will need to remove the battery from the laptop and then place the battery into the external charger. Then plug the external charger into the power socket.

The indicating light on the external charger will indicate that the battery is charging.

Once the battery is fully charged, unplug the external charger and then remove the battery from it. You don’t have to worry about getting the right external charger as in the market the external chargers are easily available with a specific model and brand name.

Charging your laptop via a solar charging kit.

Solar chargers were not a trend, but nowadays, it’s becoming a thing. And it’s an efficient way to charge your laptop via a solar charging kit.

This charger comes with a solar kit, and this solar panel doesn’t rely on any power supply, all it needs is natural energy. The solar panel is charged by the sun’s rays also known as solar energy.

The solar panels convert solar energy into electrical energy. These solar panels then transform the electrical energy into our laptop, the kits are smaller but more efficient and versatile.

The highlighting feature about the solar panels is that they work with all kind of laptops, it’s foldable and portable.

Using the super batteries

If you want your laptop to last for 8-10 hours then using the super batteries is a good option you have. With these super batteries, you are getting the option of not using the original charger with your laptop.

Supper batteries are best for travelers and tourists. Supper batteries are a great backup plan to carry that keeps your laptop working for a longer time.

Using the power banks

Yes, you read it right, power banks are not just limited to phones and tablets. You can also use them with laptops. If you travel and are always on the go then charging via power bank is a great and useful tool to carry around.

Power bank makes sure that your laptop works for a longer time. Yeah, supper batteries are more efficient but another best alternative is to use the power bank.

The different laptop comes with different ports selection that let you charge your laptop via Type-C port. Generally, laptops that carry a Type-C port can support the charging from the power bank as they support the power transmission into your laptop.

Warnings and precautions

  • While charging the laptop via external chargers, the batteries can heat up to very extreme levels. As these batteries are made up of lithium so when aggressively heated, they can explode. So, make sure they don’t get much heated while charging.
  • While charging or the external batteries should be kept in a dry place. These batteries heat faster when charging with the external charger. So, make sure that you keep them away from warm places or exposing in direct sunlight. It also affects the battery life of a laptop.

The last line

That’s all folks as we promised, here are different methods to charge your laptop manually. You can pick a method from it. We hope that all of these methods will work for you.

So that’s was all from our side on how to charge a laptop battery manually.

Thank you.