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How to Play PS4 Games on PC Without Remote Play – Easy Steps

It’s no secret games are attracting a massive number of people. There are many devices you can play games on. Most people like gaming on dedicated gaming PC or gaming consoles.  

The PlayStations and the Xboxes are the most popular gaming consoles and they have been ruling the world of gaming for a long time.

The PS4 is a superb 8th generation gaming console. Developed and manufactured by Sony. The PlayStations are a reason for the rise of the gaming community. It has played an immense role in upgrading the quality of gaming in terms of everything.

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In order to have the best gaming taste a fairly sized screen is must. Usually, people love to play PS4 on LCD or LED. Since everyone does not have the luxury to play PS4 on an exclusive screen. They try to exploit new ways of playing PS4 games.

Which resulted in us writing this article about How to play PS4 games on PC without Remote Play. In this article, we will give you a detailed step by step guide so you can easily play PS4 games on PC without the Remote Play app.

Back in 2018, Sony introduced the Remote Play app. An app which allows you to play PS4  games on a device with windows 10. Then it was changed to android devices only.

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It was a source of relief for the PlayStation lovers. But this source had some requirements. One of them was that it demands an internet connection with a minimum downloading speed of 15 Mbps.

PS Remote Play App :

The PS Remote Play is an application of great interest for Play Station lovers. This app allows us to play PS4 or PS5 on other display sharing devices with the help of an internet connection. It actually transfers the display of the game running on the console to the secondary screen with the help of control codes.

Moreover, the Remote Play app allows you to control the activities on your play station directly. Surprisingly, with the help of the microphone you can even make and manage calls. Writing and sending messages is also not a problem because with the keyboard it becomes really easy.

Well, it is a very useful app to use but there are some requirements to use it. But in order to use it an android version above 7.0 will get the job done. Anything less than that will be a problem. The second and very obvious is that a PS4 or PS5 is must.

With all these benefits, the PS Remote Play app has some drawbacks. The first of many is the device you want to play the PS4 must be verified. The second and most important disadvantage is that you need a decently fast internet connection. It should be Wi-Fi because mobile networks won’t work.

You might be questioning yourself that is it even possible to play PS4 games on PC without Remote Play app. The short answer is yes. As we know that we can use our PC screen for playing PS4 without the Remote Play app. Any device supporting the HDMI cable will do that. But when you do that it will result in reducing the screen quality and you would not have the best experience.

How to use your laptop as a Monitor

How to Play PS4 Games on PC Without Remote Play

If your laptop does not seem to match the requirements for Remote Play app. No need to concern yourself, we have your back with another way. This procedure is simple but expensive at the same time.

First of all, you will have to connect your laptop with the PlayStation 4 with the help of an HDMI cable and video capture card. In order to use your laptop as a screen, there are some things you will need which are as follows.

  • A laptop
  • An HDMI cable
  • Video Capture Card
  • File sharing permitted
  • A decent internet connection

To make a connection, confirm that you have all these things.

  1. First of all, make sure that your file sharing is turned on. To do that, go to the settings of PS4. Now go to the network settings tab and click the internet connection. To connect your PS4 to the internet click on the internet router.
  2. Secondly, through the USB port join the video capture card. Before doing that, make sure that you have downloaded and installed the drivers and softwares for the card in order to make it run smoothly and accurately.
  3. After this, connect the video capture card to the PlayStation. You will have to establish an S Video connection with the help of a connection cable.
  4. After that connect one side of the HDMI cable to the capture card and the other side of the cable to the PS4.
  5. It is time to launch the software and the turn on the PS4. The software will start searching for the PS4. Once it has searched successfully connect the PS4. Now it starts to display the PS4 on your laptop screen.
  6. In order to avoid any resolution issues, run the software on full screen.

How to play PS4 games on PC without Remote Play :

How to Play PS4 Games on PC Without Remote Play

Having that said, let’s move on. Well, there is no possibility of playing PS4 without a video card. But don’t worry every problem has a solution and so has this solution. A capture card will get the job done for this problem.

There are many capture cards but we recommend Elgato. If you don’t have one go and buy because without a capture card nothing can be done. Remember that you are using your laptop as a screen.

If your laptop has a USB Type C port then no worries but in case your laptop doesn’t have one you can buy a USB Type C converter.

After getting all this done, follow these steps.

  • Firstly, download the desktop app from the official website of your capture. Make sure you install the right app. You can easily find it for Windows.
  • With the help of an HDMI cable connect your laptop and the PS4. The USB Type C port on the capture card helps in transmitting video signals to the screen.
  • Connect the card with the laptop through a Type C to Type A converter.
  • Now you are free to launch the desktop application you downloaded. It may take some seconds to capture the signals. You can also set it manually in case it’s not working that way. 

Well, that was it. You are now free to play PS4 games on PC without remote play.

But keep in mind that using a keyboard might feel a bit sloppy at times or you can use an external gaming keyboard which will be awesome. We prefer the wireless controller of the PS4.

Which you can connect via Bluetooth. Another point to note is that you don’t need a laptop with heavy components because your laptop is not running the games by itself instead it’s only playing the role of a screen.

Conclusion :

This was it. We hope that this article will help you in every way and would not be facing any problem while playing PS4 and using your laptop as a screen.

How to play PS4 games on PC without remote play, we hope this is not a question anymore. If you were dreaming of playing PS4 games with your gaming keyboard. Here it is, no need to dream anymore.