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How to Play XBOX One On Laptop Screen with HDMI

It is well known how gaming is pleasing us and playing with our minds. It is becoming more of a hobby nowadays. Sometimes we refer to gaming as a career or profession also. It goes in both positive and negative ways. But that does not matter because it’s still getting well-earned attention.

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There are several ways to have the pleasure of gaming or I should rather say there are many devices that allow us to play games in the best quality.

Few of them are mobiles, computers, gaming laptops and gaming consoles. Commonly, gaming consoles are used for gaming by professionals.

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Being more specific, I am talking about the PlayStations and the Xboxes. These gaming consoles are bossing the community and are of great importance among gamers.

How to Play XBOX One On Laptop Screen with HDMI

Manufactured and developed by Microsoft, the Xbox One is considered one of the best consoles if not the best. The Xbox One is the successor of the previous model Xbox 360. It is known for the quality gaming experience it provides.

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How to Play XBOX One On Laptop Screen with HDMI

Laptops are becoming all rounders, since they can be used for multiple tasks. Normally, only gaming laptops are used for gaming purposes since they come with powerful components. 

When it comes to playing Xbox One, not everyone can play on a big screen with an impressive display. Because here comes the affordability factor into play. This may not be the case with you. This makes you finding and exploring new ways to play your Xbox One.

This results in making a laptop a real option because it can be used for screening and mirroring purposes really well. There can be other reasons you want to play Xbox One on the laptop.

This is because a laptop can provide the ideal display you need. Additionally, a laptop is portable. But here suddenly the question arises that can you play Xbox One on laptop and use the laptop as a monitor. Well, the short answer is yes.

So, In this article we will be discussing the two ways with the help of which you can easily connect your Xbox One to laptop. The first method is to connect via an HDMI cable. While the second way is gonna work wirelessly. 

Having that been said, lets discuss the two ways in details and guide you through all the steps you need to perform in order to play Xbox One on your laptop.

Playing XBOX One On Laptop Screen with HDMI

Primarily, HDMI cables are used for playing gaming consoles. It is the most common and easy method to screen the display of your console to any other device having the suitable port.

  • An Introduction to HDMI :

High Definition Multimedia Interface generally referred as HDMI is a digital interface used for transmitting the video and audio to a second device through a cable.

The best thing about the HDMI cable is that it does not affect the video or audio quality instead it takes to the whole next level depending on the display and speakers of the second device.

Mostly HDMI cables are used for screening of TV’s, DVD Players, gaming consoles. There are other uses of HDMI also.

Many developments were made in order to enhance the quality of HDMI cables. One of them was to introduce the HDMI cable with a type-C port making it easier for laptops.

That was all for HDMI cables and their use.

Before knowing the first way for connecting Xbox One to laptop screen with HDMI, make sure that your laptop has an HDMI port. Because some laptops don’t have the port so this method won’t work for them.

There are some things that you need in your inventory before going for this method.

They are

  • An HDMI cable
  • Xbox One
  • Laptop with a proper HDMI input system

The steps are as follows

  1. Turn on your Xbox one. In order to do that join the power cable. Which will be done comfortably.
  2. Secondly, you can see an output port on your console, plug one end of your HDMI cable in that port.
  3. Do the opposite of that now. You have to plug the second end of the cable in the input port of your laptop.
  4. In the fourth and final step, choose the suitable video source. This can be done on the laptop.

You are done, congrats. Now you can see the display of the Xbox on the laptop screen.

Connecting Your Xbox One To The Laptop Wirelessly

 Apart from the first method, you can also connect your Xbox One to the laptop without using any cable or I can say wirelessly which is easy to understand.

This procedure is worth mentioning because some dedicated gaming laptops do not have a proper input connection system for HDMI cables. This is also an easy but cheeky way to connect your Xbox One to your laptop and use your laptop as a screening device. Both the methods are used for the same purpose which is using your laptop a monitor.

 But a slight change in this process is that you will need a windows 10 laptop or PC with a decent internet connection.

Just like the first method, there are a few things you will be needing in order to connect your Xbox One to the laptop wirelessly. They are

  • A Wi-Fi Connection
  • An Xbox One
  • A PC or Laptop having Windows 10 installed

The steps are as under

  1. First of all, you need to open the official Xbox One which can be seen on your laptop.
  2. Logging in to your Xbox account will be completing the second step. 
  3. On top of the settings icon, you have to click the “connection” option. The settings can be seen on the left of the dashboard.
  4. In the fourth step, clicking on the XboxOne will get the job done. In order to connect the Xbox One to laptop this i important.
  5. On the app, you must be seeing the stream button. Click it.
  6. Finally, you will be asked to connect your controller to any of the both devices. Click continue.

This was it. You have finally connected your Xbox One to your laptop wirelessly. Any laptop or computer with windows 10 can be connected to the Xbox One with this method. And that also wirelessly, just impressive.


Well, this was our go through step by step guide for connecting and playing Xbox One on laptop with two easy and comfortable methods.

We hope this article can help can you in every way so you can have the desired gaming experience without a big LED or LCD. Which is nowadays considered compulsory for playing Xbox One or any other console.

So, a big screen is not compulsory. You can also play on a laptop screen.