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How To Remove Battery From Gateway Laptop – Easy Steps

All laptop comes with different working mechanism and architecture, sometimes they share the same methods to remove the battery.

With that said, if we talk about modern laptops or MacBooks, these laptops come with batteries integrated within the laptop and require a service from a professional technician to remove the battery. 

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So, if you have one of those laptops and you are confused about how to remove the battery from the gateway laptop then you don’t have to worry more because here is a detailed article on how to remove the battery from the gateway laptop.

Battery pack

The laptop comes with a battery pack that lets you extend the using timing of the laptop in between charges. Different battery packs have different characteristics. Here are some of them discussed:

Characteristics of battery Packs

  • It delivers a low battery warning.
  • It employs and follows the current battery technology standards.
  • When you connect the computer to the AC adaptor the battery starts to recharge. The laptop supports the useful features of use while charging which allows you to use your laptop while you are recharging the battery, but that might affect the recharging time. If you are not using the laptop while it’s charging, then it’ll significantly result in a faster charging rate.
  • Extra battery packs always come in handy. You can charge the battery pack and make great use of them when you are traveling or if your laptop had a sudden power breakdown. You are advised to carry an extra battery as backup and make sure it’s fully charged.

How to maximize the battery life

Every battery that we use in any kind of electronic comes with battery life and this battery life will degrade after some period of usage. It means that after some time you might get to experience a downfall in the battery performance with time and use.

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But there are some precautions by which you maximize the battery timing of batteries you are using and their performance. Here is some recommendation that will help you out to make the most of your battery.

Conditioning of a battery pack

Make sure you follow this conditioning process before you use a battery pack for the first time.

  1. Insert your new battery while the computer is turned off.
  2. Then connect the AC adaptor and let the battery fully charged
  3. When it’s charged, disconnect the AC adapter.
  4. Now turn on the computer or laptop and use the laptop or computer using battery power.
  5. Consume the full battery.
  6. Once the laptop ran out of battery, connect the AC adapter again and charge it again.

Follow the same steps until the battery has been charged and discharged 3 times. Use this conditioning process for the new batteries to get better battery life.

if you are not going to use your PC for more than 2 weeks then you are advised to remove the battery pack from the laptop.

By following the above-written conditioning process, you are enabling your battery to accept the maximum amount of charge possible.

If you fail to follow this process as described, then the battery won’t be able to obtain the maximum battery charge and it might also decrease the effective lifespan of the battery.

Factors that affect the lifespan of the battery

Moreover, some more patterns affect the lifespan of the battery. Here are they:

  • If you are using the laptop on constant AC (alternating current) power with the battery is inserted. If you have a support of AC power, then you are advised to remove the battery when it’s fully charged.
  • As described above, not recharging and consuming the battery to its fullest affects the battery life.
  • It’s simple, the more you will consume the battery, the faster it’ll reach to ending of its effective life. A normal battery comes with a life span of about 300 charges.

Warning: Do not let the battery get exposed to temperatures < 0 °C (i.e. 32 °F) or > 45 °C (i.e. 113 °F). Extreme temperatures might cause an explosion of a battery and affect the life span of the battery.

How to Remove the Battery From Gateway Laptops

The laptop, tablets, and notebooks that we use in our daily lives use lithium batteries.

If you want to remove the battery from the gateway laptop and replace it then you are advised to use the same type of battery that comes coupled along with your laptop or specifically made for the model you have.

Using any other type of battery might cause an explosion or risk of fire.

Installing and removing the battery from the gateway laptop

Before you remove the battery from the gateway laptop, connect the AC adapter if you are using the laptop otherwise you need to turn off the computer first and then start the procedure.


  • The very first thing you need to do is to align the battery with the open battery bay where the battery needs to be placed. Now place the battery into the bay and make sure that the ends of the battery enter first and the top side of the battery facing upside.
  • Enter the battery into the battery slot and gently push the battery against the surface until it’s properly locked on the surface.
  • And that’s all

See, how easy is this! This is how you can install a battery pack in a gateway laptop

Removing the battery from the gateway laptop

  • If your laptop is charging, either disconnect the power cable or unplug the battery.
  • Then, to remove the battery turn your laptop upside-down.
  • Now, locate the battery latch at the bottom side of the laptop. See the image below that shows some common types of battery latches that are found on a laptop.
How To Remove Battery From Gateway Laptop
  • To remove the battery from the laptop, slide the latch button in opposite direction and keep holding it there in that position until the battery is released.
  • On modern laptops, the battery pops out on its own. While on the other you will have to pull out the battery gently with the help of the tip of your fingers.

If there is no battery latch or any other situation

If you don’t see any latch or buttons to remove the battery, then the laptop is likely to have a different mechanism to release the battery.

In such a case, your laptop needs to be serviced by a professional technician who can remove the battery manually and can disassemble the laptop.

Or what you can do is refer to the documentation of the laptop or checking the official website of the laptop’s manufacturer. Look on their website that how you can remove the battery from the gateway laptop. Thewebsite anddocumentation help you know that what you’ll need to do to remove the battery.

Some laptops have only one latch, while some laptops have two of them and that kind of laptop requires you to slide both latches in opposite direction or towards each other to remove the battery.

In older laptops such as IBM laptops, the latch needs to be pulled out and then pushed towards the battery.


As you see installing and removing the battery isn’t a difficult procedure to follow. We hope this article on how to remove the battery from the gateway would be a great help to you.

For a better lifespan of your battery, make sure you follow the conditioning of the battery pack.