Method:1 Open the Device Manager on the Start menu and click on the driver you want to update. Then select Update Driver Windows update to proceed. Direct to Setting>Update & Security>Windows Update>View optional updates>Driver updates tab. Select the drivers you want to update Download and Install.

Method:2 After installing the overwatch video game, navigate to the Video setting to keep the graphics, reflection, texture, and buffering settings to low or off. Check and set the game settings as per requirement and enjoy it.

How To Run Overwatch On A Low-End Pc

How To Run Overwatch On A Low-End Pc

In this article you will get to know how you will be able to download “overwatch” on a PC with less RAM. Overwatch is a multiplayer shooter video game having 4GB RAM and 30GB free space in which players are divided into 2 groups with 6 members each and the selection of the members take place on the basis of ‘distinctive abilities’.

The CPU which is best for overwatch is Intel i3 or AMD Phenom X3 8650. They require Windows 7, 8, or Windows 10 to be good. This game is a first-person’s game which means that the entire game relies on the first person and will experience all the adventures. Overwatch is a game that just requires the right thinking to utilize your skills.

A low-end PC is a computer having not so good hardware with 8GB or even less RAM, moreover, presentation is also weak. Basically, it uses a Ryzen 3 microprocessor or an i3 processor. It is possible to install a game on a low-end PC but its trial is not that pleasurable?

A low-end refers to cheaper computer equipment with weaker units for the purpose of saving money. They have passive cooling which means having only 1 fan with a low capacity. So, after knowing all the features of low-end PC and overwatch, now we will discuss the methods on how it will run a low-end PC. But we will elaborate on the methods which are highly accepted and are easy to apply. The following are the methods through which we can be able to run overwatch on a low-end PC.

Method:1 Improve your operating system and drivers

To step up your PC, first, it is essential to make sure that your operating systems are up-to-date. The failure of updating your systems will lead to missing major bug fixes that can cause damage to your FPS and will also create problems in running the game. You can update your systems by the following steps.

Step:1 Open the “Device Manager” on the “Start”  menu of your Laptop.

Step:2 Right-click on the driver you want to update and select “Update Driver”.

Step:3 Click search for “Updated  Drivers” on Windows update to proceed. You can also automatically update your systems by Windows Update.

Step:4 Direct to Setting followed Update & Security. Now go to “Windows Update”.

Step:5 Click View optional updates, then open the Driver updates tab.

Step:6 Select the drivers you want to update now click Download and Install.

Step:7 You can also run Overwatch even with 60 FPS on lower graphics.

Method:2 Checking your game settings

Before going towards the game, you should check and change your in-game settings to work properly. For this reason, check the instructions given below

Step:1 After installing the overwatch video game you need to navigate to the Video setting.

Step:2 You may need to keep the graphics, reflection, texture, and buffering settings to low or off.

Step:3 For great improvement, you can lower the resolution to 75%.

Step:4 Check and set the game settings as per requirement and enjoy it.


Why does Overwatch run so badly?

Overwatch may run badly on your system because the drives and operating system may not be updated to the latest versions. So updated the drivers, changed the software settings and reset the video driver settings.

What are low-end PC requirements?

We know if a PC is high or low end by looking at its specs. A common low-end laptop will have a Ryzen 3 or Intel i3 processor and RAM less than 16GB. It also may lack a graphics card.

Does RAM increase FPS?

Depending on the size of the RAM scenario we can decide if the RAM increases fps or not. Thus, a larger RAM will definitely increase the fps.


This was our article about “How To Run Overwatch On A Low-End PC”. It consists of some methods that will help you. We tried our level best to simplify the steps for your ease so we hope it was of your help, however, if you have any queries let us know.

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