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Method:1 Make sure that your headphones are properly connected to the PC. Open Sound Setting by clicking on the sound icon then open the Sound Control Panel for more details. Select it as a Default Input Device.

Method:2 Open the Settings and go to System now Check under the Sound label you will open Input>Device Properties. Set the volume louder or lower drag the volume navigator. By the Disable option, you can turn off/on the device.

Method:3 Select the Settings>System and then go to the Sound section followed by Input. This will be followed by Manage Sound Devices>Input Devices>Microphone”. Enable or disable the device by clicking on the “Disable”.

How To Use Headphones With Built-In Mic On Pc Windows 10

Let’s consider a scenario where you buy a brand new headset for yourself with a built-in microphone and you plug it into your laptop/computer very excitedly to complete your daily routine work but as soon as you try to connect with your fellows in an online class or game stream you see that your microphone is not working.

No matter how much you try, the fellow on the other side won’t hear you. What would you do in such a scenario? We came up with some methods of how to use headphones with a built-in mic on PC Windows 10.

For an interruption-free conversation, you need to use headphones with a built-in mic on PC Windows 10 in a proper way to get yourself heard.

It is rather frustrating when you really need to be heard by the fellows on the other side of the conversation but your mic is not working at all. This issue often appears with using headphones on a PC.

Before making any hasty decision you must set your headphones in a specific way on your PC and here we have come with a guide for you to use headphones with a built-in mic on PC Windows 10.

So after applying the methods below to your headset you will surely get an amazing experience of a clear conversation.

How to use headphones with the built-in mic on PC Windows 10? Here’s a complete guide for you with step-by-step instructions to follow. Without further ado, let’s jump into the article.

Method:1 Setting Headphones As Default Input Device

With a PC running on Windows 10 you can configure multiple devices and customize the sound settings as well, which can sometimes confuse your PC just like the headphones mic settings. And that is the reason why your headphones mic may not work and is not recognized by your PC. So let’s see the steps to figure out this problem.

Step:1 Make sure that your headphones whether wired or wireless are properly connected to your laptop/PC.

Step:2 Look at the right bottom of the screen and open the “Sound Setting” by clicking on the sound icon.

Step:3 At the right of the settings, click on the “Sound Control Panel” for more details.

Step:4 Search for your headphones and select it as a “Default Input Device”.

Step:5 While using apps like Zoom or Discord make sure the settings are turned off of the individual applications because they may cause a disturbance.

Step:6 Hope this will solve the issue of how to use headphones with a built-in mic on PC Windows 10.

Method:2 Setting The Device Properties

For this method, we hope you have already set your headphones as the default input device. Let’s see the instructions.

Step:1 Open the “Settings”  and go to “System” from the given menu.

Step:2 Check under the “Sound” label you will see “Input” open it and then go to “Device Properties”.

Step:3 Your headphones will be present in the default devices. To set the volume louder or lower drag the volume navigator.

Step:4 There will be a “Disable” option by which you can turn the device on or off.

Step:5 After this step the Windows will not have access to the mic so enable the device if you want to use the microphone.

Method:3 Setting Multiple Mic Options

To enable or disable one or more than one mic on your PC make sure to follow the following steps in order.

Step:1 Select the “Settings” and go to “System”  from the settings menu.

Step:2 Then go to the “Sound” section followed by “Input”.

Step:3 Now go to “Manage Sound Devices” you will see “Input Devices” open it and then go to “Microphone”.

Step:4 Enable or disable the device as you need by clicking on the “Disable” option appearing on the screen.

Step:5 Repeat the aforementioned two steps (third and fourth) to disable or enable multiple devices.

Step:6 When you disable the mics, Windows 10 and other applications will have no access to them.


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